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What is this program about?

The Reformers Unanimous Schools of Discipleship are intensive residential recovery programs for men and women with addictions.

Unlike Other Programs that Cost Thousands More

  • We Individually Tailor Your Mentoring Plan.
  • We Educate You With Proven Spiritual Tools.
  • We Give Your Loved Ones In-Depth Progress Reports.
  • We Provide Comprehensive Aftercare Plans.

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We provide a reconstructive learning atmosphere where the addicted can be discipled in an environment that is much like a greenhouse. We protect them from the elements of life as they become grounded, rooted and begin to grow and mature. Our residential treatment homes that are intended for the “non-functioning” addict can effectively minister to up to 100 men and 40 ladies.

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If you, or someone that you know, struggle with addictions, this is the place for you. Please don’t pass up this opportunity to learn about the Truth that sets free.

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