The Reformers Unanimous Residential Schools of Discipleship are an six-month intensive discipleship program for men and women with troubled lives. We provide a reconstructive learning atmosphere where the non-functioning person can be trained in a supportive environment of discipleship consisting of: study, mentoring, Bible education, and work place training.

If you or your loved one is in need of assistance, contact Reformers Unanimous at 1-866-733-6768 to speak confidentially with an admissions coordinator. Our admissions coordinators are very caring and knowledgeable and would love to take your call and answer your questions. We know it can be tough to pick up the phone and ask for help, but this could be the most important call you ever make for yourself or your loved one! Call Us 1-866-733-6768 or Email us by clicking here.

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Unlike Other Programs that Cost Thousands More…



Four Reasons for Our Superior Results

1. We promote a Superior Foundation.

At Reformers Unanimous, we know that ultimately behavioral problems are the result wrong actions and decisions based on wrong thinking. Through nearly 1,000 local church programs and multiple residential discipleship schools, Reformers Unanimous has for over a decade successfully helped thousands of people correct wrong thinking, empowering them to complete victory and character transformation. We are confident that we can help you help someone you love. (Click here for powerful testimonies of lives changed.)

2. We provide Superior Facilities.

Our facilities are beautifully built and professionally kept facilities. They are not only aesthetically gorgeous, but they also possess a phenomenal ambiance as great places to grow close to God. In addition, our home-style meals and friendly staff will help your transition into a new environment of responsible behavior. Our facilities are located in Rockford, Illinois. Rockford is a city centered in the northern border of Illinois, just south of Wisconsin, near Galena. We are a westernmost suburb of Chicago. Rockford is frequently called the “City of Gardens.” Rockford has 7,000 acres of parkland, tree-lined streets, an exceptionally green downtown, a riverside trail, and several magnificent public gardens. All of our facilities are surrounded comfortably by greenery, including our headquarter offices, located in the historic downtown district. (Click here to view images of our different facilities.) Rockford is indeed a great city, and a wonderful place to develop a focused walk with the Lord.

Facilities Overview


3. We present a Superior Format.

We are convinced that our schools’ format is superior at helping people change their lifestyle, compared to similar facilities. Our revolutionary program has been developed from over a decade of successfully working with tens of thousands of people. Every person that comes to our school receives an individually tailored “Student Intervention Plan” that is promulgated on their current life stage, particular vocation, marital status, personal issues, other problematic or destructive tendencies, and a number of other factors. Each of our students receives hundreds of hours of Biblical teaching as well as group and individualized mentoring over the course of our program. (Click here to view a breakdown of the program and its phases.)

4. We produce a Superior Finishing.

Each of our nearly 400 graduates and their aftercare sponsors receive an in-depth “Aftercare Plan” that explains the graduating status of each area of concern determined during their intake or realized during their discipleship period with us. As well, we analyze every area in which we sense your student is in need of continuing improvement. We explain anticipated pitfalls to avoid the destructive thinking that brought the student to us. In addition, our program has many avenues of follow-up for each graduate that allows them to continue to grow and develop in their new found freedom, including an extended graduate plan in Rockford; and graduate curriculum and mentor ministries for those returning home. We also offer nearly 1,000 local programs in churches throughout America that can be found, joined, and attended near their residence the student returns to. This superior finishing allows us to consistently see 80% of our graduates experience and enjoy a life of ongoing success.