Communication and Visitations

Here’s how you can get in contact with your students.


With the exception of legitimate emergencies, the student will be permitted their first monitored phone call no sooner than after the first 10 days of the program. This call will be to a person on the approved call list that the student establishes with the staff upon entering the home. Below is the schedule for further monitored phone calls, based on their phases in the program:

All long distance calls must be made using a prepaid phone card.

Phone calls will be 10 minutes in length, barring any extenuating circumstances.

Frequency of calls may be regulated further as deemed necessary by staff, but at no time will a student be denied communication if they opt to leave the program and need to contact somebody.


The student’s first visit shall be after 45 days in the home. For this visit to be granted, the student must have successfully completed 1st phase and transitioned into 2nd phase. (Please note the requirements upon the student to transition from phase 1 to phase 2.) If a student incurs a disciplinary action that requires them to return to a most recently completed phase, it will cause them to lose a scheduled visit.

The student’s second visit shall be granted while in the 3rd phase of the program. For this visit to be granted, the student must have successfully completed 1st and 2nd phase, and transitioned into the 3rd phase of the program. (Please note the requirements upon the student in each of these phases.) Also, the student’s leadership holds the freedom to revoke this second visit if any privileges before or during the first visit were abused at any time.

A third visit is allowed under the same structure while the student is in the 4th phase. This visit shall not be any later than 21 days before graduation.

There shall be only these three visits granted during the student’s program. Below are the boundaries for all three of these visits:

  • Attending Friday night class at 7:00 pm. The student shall still be to class 15 minutes prior to its start. The student shall stay for the entire class period.
  • The student is required to attend all Sunday functions (Sunday School and AM and PM services at North Love Baptist Church).

RU Recovery Schools of Discipleship is a voluntary program. Participants in the Program agree to abide by the policies of this program for as long as they remain in our program.

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