Our Philosophy

Faith & Addiction Recovery

There are well over 25 million addicts in America. Every addict significantly impacts the lives of at least four people, which means that well over 100 million people in our society are impacted by the devastating results of addiction and are in search of hope and healing. At some point, the addicted will look instinctively to our local churches for answers. In order to reach them, we must be ready to minister to the addicted and their families.

Over 400 studies have been conducted on the role of faith in addiction recovery and these studies have found a success rate of 40%-60% in most faith-based programs.

A focus-group study on spirituality and substance-abuse treatment

Adrienne J. Heinz, B.A., Elizabeth R. Disney, Ph.D., David H. Epstein, Ph.D., Louise A. Glezen, M.S., Pamela I. Clark, Ph.D., and Kenzie L. Preston, Ph.D.

What Makes the RU Program Different?

RU takes a “whole” man approach. We acknowledge the mental and physical side to addiction, but we also believe there is a spiritual side to addiction. We provide support and hope to those dealing with addictive behaviors through faith, the church, and weekly classes. We have a complete curriculum that includes accountability and progress tracking. We have become accepted as a Faith-Based alternative in drug courts across America.

How Does It Work?

Faith in Hope

At our Friday Night classes, we don’t focus on war stories of addiction. In the first hour of our program, new students hear testimonies of victory and recovery over addiction. This way they can begin to see and believe hope and recovery is available.

Faith with Support

Faith-based addiction programs can serve as a bridge between the local community and (as we like to say at RU) “God’s Support Group is the Local Church.” Having a church family that loves and surrounds these individuals helps create a support network of family that the addict can rely on when the pressures of life hit. Many people who fall into addiction have burned bridges with their families and loved ones and don’t have a support group on which they can depend.

Faith and Accountability

A key to faith-based programs is the infrastructure to lovingly hold these individuals accountable. With faith-based programs, you have individual volunteers and staff that genuinely care about people and will go out of their way to hold them accountable while showing them real love.

Faith in a Personal Relationship

The “secret sauce” and the main ingredient to the success of the RU Program and many other faith-based programs are teaching our students to have a personal, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Faith-based recovery programs help people realize that they are not alone in addiction—and if they place their trust in Jesus Christ and depend on Him, they can beat whatever addiction it is that has them in bondage.

Women's Campus

RU Women’s Schools of Discipleship exists to help hurting women that are non-functioning, abused or troubled experience true and lasting victory over their pain to gain the prosperity of a victorious life. We accomplish this through up to 6 months of intensive discipleship consisting of prayer, study, mentoring, Bible education and workplace training.

Men's Campus

RU Men’s Schools of Discipleship exists to help men who hurt. Whether they have pained or been pained, we assist them to a position of lasting victory over those pains to gain the prosperity of a victorious life. We accomplish this through up to 6 months of intensive discipleship consisting of prayer, study, mentoring, Biblical education and workplace training.

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