Alcohol’s devastating effects have been felt by individuals, their families and our society for thousands of years. The undeniable pain associated with alcohol consumption continues to prevail today. Despite the overwhelming body of evidence that associates alcohol with physical, psychological and spiritual destruction and death many continue to look at it’s consumption as a right of passage. Alcohol is deemed a recreational beverage allowing the user to have a “better time.”

It is estimated that in America today there are 17.6 million adults (not including children and teenagers) that struggle with alcoholism. They feel that without alcohol their life would be filled with anxiety and bouts of depression. They believe there would be no enjoyment or pleasure apart from their “friend” named alcohol. As they embrace these lies they continue in their destructive behavior, drinking to get relief from the problems and stress of life. Alcohol becomes the consuming thought of every waking moment. This ungodly thought process is impossible to break apart from the grace of God. There is hope for these individuals that the help to heal the hurt that lives deep within them is in fact found in a liquid but its not liquor, it is the Living Water Jesus Christ.

Alcohol in all forms is destructive. So, no matter where you find yourself in regards to this addictive behavior there is a way out. Freedom is available. What is needed is for you to exchange your alcohol for, Jesus Christ. Allow us at Reformers Unanimous Schools of Discipleship to help you out of this darkness into the glorious freedom found only in Jesus.

The length of stay in our long-term addiction treatment center is approximately 6-8 months. This might seem like a long time, but the results speak for themselves we have seen an average of 80% success rate from our graduates. If you or your loved one is in need of assistance, you can contact Reformers Unanimous at 1-866-733-6768 to speak confidentially with a professional admissions coordinator. Our admissions coordinators are very caring and knowledgeable and would love to take your call and answer your questions. ??We know it can be tough to pick up the phone and ask for help, but this could be the most important call you ever make for yourself or your loved one! Call Us 1-866-733-6768 or E-Mail us on the form on the right of this page.

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