Our Staff

The RU Schools of Discipleship operates under RU Recovery Ministries and the Board of Directors. Our housing team has been where you are now. The majority of our staff our men and women who were students of the program that found victory and are here to help you find a dynamic love relationship with Jesus Christ.

Paul Kingsbury

President of the Board of Directors

Pastor of North Love Baptist Church Paul Kingsbury not only is the President of the Board, but he also takes an active part in the Schools of Discipleship with his warm, Bible preaching, tender heart, and balanced approach to faith and addiction recovery.

Steve Curington


Steve was the founder of the Reformers Unanimous addiction program, and the RU Schools of Discipleship. He died suddenly of a heart attack on October 30, 2010. His unexpected death was a shock and though we were saddened we knew that God had called him home. Our staff continues his vision for faith-based recovery to this very day. Steve Curington’s teachings are still taught through our program's curriculum and philosophy.

Housing Staff

Caleb Daniels

Admissions Coordinator

Mary Beth Grindinger

Dean of Women

Garret McDill

Dean of Men

Jim Milhone

Head Steward

Cory Dykes


There are many more volunteers that help make our homes a greenhouse for faith-based recovery and spiritual growth.

Sometimes You Need to Get Away. Sometimes Far, Far Away.